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Safeguarding Children Fortnite
Fortnite, do you know who you are playing with?

If your child was approached by a stranger in the street and came to tell you, you would comfort your child and keep an extra eye on them in future. We need to apply this same practise online. We need to encourage our children to tell us when something is not right.

However, when asked, research shows that kids have replied that they would often not tell their parents/carers incase they take their device away from them! We need to change that.

Have an open and honest conversation with your child.

It’s important to involve yourself in your child’s online life and a simple and effective way to this is by talking to them about their life online. Try to maintain an open dialogue with your child and find opportunities to talk to them about what they love to do online. Parents can help children access the amazing resources the internet has to offer whilst keeping them safe online at the same time.

This is an excellent website that has all the information you will need to help your child stay safe playing online.

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